Questions about hallmarking

Do your gold plated items contain any markings to certify the material?

Under the existing legislation in the UK, gold-plated stainless steel cannot be hallmarked. The UK Hallmarking Act 1973 requires the hallmarking of precious metal only, and where any article of precious metal is coated in whole or in part with gold the gold coating shall be ignored for the purpose of determining which hallmarks are to be struck. On the other hand, the Hallmarking Guidance Notes 2016 published by the Assay Offices explains that gold plated base metals is not to be hallmarked. 

To avoid confusion of our items as made of gold and compliance with the law, we have therefore stated in our product name and description that the strap is made of stainless steel and gold plated as per S1.1 of the Act. We've also inscribed the word "Stainless Steel" at the back of the clasps, to avoid confusion of the base material.