Taking an extra step every day to protect our surroundings along our journey.

Responsible Sourcing

Raw materials come from nature and are often non-renewable. Our priority is therefore to eliminate excessive use of resources and adopt recycled or recyclable materials. We consistently work with suppliers to explore recycled or bio-degradable material, which would be used to upgrade our existing product lines and in new designs, as well as our packaging.

Green Experience

We're digitalising our whole post-sale services to eliminate the use of paper for thank you notes, instructions and warranty cards. Our boxes are 100% recyclable, and we are committed to using 100% recycled paper and fibres for our packaging by 2025. Our delivery boxes are also collapsible in order to lower their volume during transportation, which in turn reduces energy consumption from logistics and storage. 

Committed Value Chain

In an effort to reduce supply chain energy consumption, we’ve streamlined our operation by employing warehouse in Dongguan, one of the largest logistics hubs in Asia, right next to where our manufacturers are located. This not only shorten the delivery time to customers worldwide, but also reduces the overall CO2 emissions from transportation.