Product Warranty

1. How does the free Product Warranty works?

We offer a 12-month complimentary warranty on all products purchased on our website on or after 12 Nov 2023. Products purchased before this date are covered by a same 6-month warranty. You get up to one breakage replacements for each item within 12 months from purchase date. 

Please send us images/videos showing the breakage issue via our Customer Support mailbox ( Please use the same email address, or provide us with your order details so that we can track the record.

It is mandatory that you provide photos or videos showing the faulty item. If our team is able to verify the issue, a one-time replacement for the item will be arranged, and you do not have to send the original piece to us (i.e. FREE of charge). If we are unable to verify the issue, you will be invited to send the item back to us for the replacement. In this case, you will be responsible for all the fees involved for sending the items back to us, and the return packages remain the responsibility of the customer until they are received at our designated address in United Kingdom. 

If your product(s) is discontinued, it may be replaced by a similar option. Lemon Straps reserves the right on the final decisions.


2. What does the warranty cover?

We take pride in our product quality. If there's any breakage issues with your products, such as breakage of phone case, or disconnection or loosening of watchstrap clasps, within 12 months from your date of original purchase, please take a photo of the issue and send it with the order details to us.

Wear-and-tear marks or scratches are not covered under our warranty. Leather may fade in color under sunlight or prolong uses, and is also not covered by this warranty. No devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, watches, etc.) used in conjunction with our products are covered by warranty or guarantee, and repair costs incurred due to damages to the devices are not covered. Our products are subject to normal wear and tear, and do not guarantee protection to your electronic devices at all time. Like any other bracelets, watch bands and protective cases, users have to take care of the products and ensure that they are in proper working condition before usage. No replacements are applied to lost or stolen items. 


3. Can I request refund or a different product as replacement under the warranty?

We can only offer the same product as replacement unless it is discontinued. No refund can be claimed under the warranty after the 30-day money-back guarantee period.


4. I receive Lemon Straps' products as a gift from my friend. Can I claim the warranty?

The warranty can only be claimed by the person who made the order, in this case, your friend. If you still wish to contact us about the product, please provide us with your friend's name and the order number so that we can look into our record. Please note that we can only ship the package to the original mailing address unless instructed directly by your friend.


Still have questions?

Learn more about our Delivery Guarantee and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or speak to us directly.