Lemon Straps

When life gives you lemons, wear Lemon Straps.

Lemon Straps is an Apple Watch band store designed for the girls who love accessories and seek to cultivate confidence and everyday bliss. We offer aesthetic, high-quality Apple Watch bands that won’t break the bank, so you can wear a new band every day, burden-free.

Our founder, Tracy Lee, understood the challenge of finding the perfect accessory for her daily-used Apple Watch. Unwilling to settle for the standard options, she wanted something that truly reflected herself. This desire led to the creation of Lemon Straps in 2021.

Lemon Straps embodies life's bittersweet ups and downs. Whether you're hitting the gym, attending a party, or simply going about your day, discover joy and confidence in expressing yourself with our watch bands. Join us in celebrating life's moments with style, one Lemon Strap at a time.