Tutorial: Get Minimalistic Apple Watch Faces used in Our Photoshoots

We've been frequently asked what Apple Watch Faces we use in our photoshoots. Indeed, the Apple Watch dial is often filled with functional buttons in different colors, making the smart watch looks overly sporty for someone who prefers a clean watchface. Here, we share the three major Watchfaces we've adopted in our photos, and some free Clockology Watchfaces we've created for you to download!

(Left: Soirée Bracelet with our Silver face via Clockology;
Right: Timeless Bracelet with our Emerald face via Clockology)


1. Meridian Watchface


Meridian is one of the original watchfaces officially released by Apple, and comes in black or white. Find it in the Face Gallery in the Watch app on your phone.

Open the "Watch" app, choose "Face Gallery" from the bottom menu bar, then add the "Meridian" Watch Face.


You can customize the watchface with functions like activity, blood oxygen, or alarms, but just choose “Off” for all four complications if you'd love to get the minimalistic look.

Choose "Off" for all four complications for a clean look.

2. California Watchface

We're obsessed with the California face because its dial color can be customized! It's also accessible in the Face Gallery in the Watch app, and just as mentioned, you can turn off all sub-dials for a clean look.

Open the "Watch" app, choose "Face Gallery" from the bottom menu bar, then add the "California" Watch Face.


If you want to add text to the watchface like our logo, go to "Sub-dial Top", then choose "Monogram". To edit the Monogram, go to "My Watch" of the Watch app (bottom left), scroll down for "Clock", choose "Monogram", and type in the text you wish to display. The font style is fixed, but you can type in unicode characters in addition to numbers and letters.

Choose "Monogram" for "Sub-dial Top", and "Off" for "Sub-dial Bottom".


Go to "My Watch" at the bottom left of the menu bar, scroll down and choose "Clock".


Customize your "Monogram" with text, numbers or unicodes.

3. Clockology Watchface


Our team has been working to develop new watchfaces that look stunning with our watchstraps using an app called "Clockology". Our latest addition - the Silver Watchface - imitates that of traditional stainless steel dials, and is used in our latest product images. It has a lower brightness than pure white dials, giving comfort to the eyes. Here's a tutorial for the app, and some beautiful watch faces for women we'd love to share with you! (take me directly to the watchfaces)

1. Download the Clockology app on your iPhone from App Store.
You can download the app directly on the iPhone's App Store. If the app is not automatically installed onto your Apple Watch, open the Watch app on iPhone, look for Clockology from the available apps, and click "Install".

This app requires watchOS 6.0 or later, compatible with all Apple Watch Series 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and SE.


2. Set up "always on" for the Clockology app.
On the Watch app on iPhone, go to "General", "Return to Clock", and scroll down and click Clockology in the apps section. For "Return to clock", choose "Custom" and "After 1 hour". This allows the Clockology app to stay on as long as it detects your wrist movement.


3. Synchronising watchface to your Apple Watch
You're ready to sync new watchfaces to your watch! Download our watchfaces here via Safari, then open it through the iPhone app Clockology. Open the clockology app on your Apple Watch, then click the sync button on the right hand side of the watchface on your iPhone.

This app requires watchOS 6.0 or later, compatible with all Apple Watch Series 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and SE.


4. Saving your watchface as backup
As you can see from my screenshots above, you can make changes to the watchface on your own. The clockology app only supports the editting for one clockface at a time, and the clockface file is not automatically saved nor backuped. Therefore, if you want to edit a second watchface, remember to save the first one!

You can save your files to "On My iPhone" or "iCloud Drive". Click the button on the left of the watchface to save it.


P.s. If you've previously used the App Version 1, you may have heard of something called the "Beta file", which hides the Apple Watch's numeric clock on the top right corner of the screen. This beta file is no longer needed in the newest version of app.


5. Now's the fun part! Download beautiful watchfaces!
You're all set! You can browse through watchfaces directly through your Clockology app, join online forums like "Clockology Fans" on Facebook, or take a look at our beautiful designs for women below! You can click the below links (under the image) to download them through Safari, open them in the Clockology app, then sync them to your watch.


Download: Emerald Watchface


Download: Silver Watchface


Download: Blue Pearl Watchface


Download: Grey Pearl Watchface


Download: Pearl Lights Watchface


Download: Vinyard Watchface


Download: Lilac Watchface


Download: Rose Watchface


Download: Sapphire Watchface