How to Remove and Change Your Apple Watch Band in 4 Steps

It may sound difficult removing Apple Watch bands from your watch at home yourself, but Apple has completely redesigned the way to replace watch bands for your Apple Watch, and it's super easy. Here are 4 simple steps for you, no matter you've just bought your new Apple Watch, or getting started with your styling game.


1. Turn Your Apple Watch Face Down

Hold your Apple Watch facedown. You can find two horizontal buttons on the top and button at the back of your Apple Watch.

Flip your Apple Watch face down, and locate the two buttons that lock your Apple Watch bands 

2. Press On the Buttons, and Slide Out the Apple Watch Band

To Take off the Apple Watch band, simply push down the top button, and at the same time, slide the top band out of your watch. Repeat for the other side.

Slide out the Apple Watch band when holding down the button to remove it from your watch. 

3. Slide In Your New Apple Watch Strap

Make sure both the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Strap are facing the same direction. Put on your new Apple Watch Strap by sliding it into your watch. There's no need to press the buttons on the Apple Watch when putting on the strap.


4. Check that The Apple Watch Strap is Securely Locked

Lightly pull and shake the connectors sideway to ensure the Apple Watch Strap is safely connected with your Apple Watch. The strap connectors will scratch you hand and not be properly locked onto the Apple Watch if you've flipped it upside down before installing it.


Now that you've got the hang of the replacement method, shop our collection of Apple Watch Jewelry Straps, and elevate your Apple Watch look.

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