Replacing Loose Clasp

Loosening of clasps is protected under our product warranty, under which if you return your original piece to us, we can exchange a new one to you. However, in case you're unable to send your watchstrap back to us, or if there's any issues with your clasps after our warranty period, you can choose to fix the issue yourself. The clasp is fairly easy to be replaced, and you can definitely do it on your own. Here is a short tutorial for the steps involved.

You'll need:

1. Adjustment Tool (order here, or shop at Amazon/ local watch dealers)
2. Extra watch clasp (extra clasps for our Signature Collection can be ordered here)

Detaching the old clasp from the holder

1. Look at both sides of the clasp holder. Look for the side with the deeper hole. The pin within should not contain any straight line marking.

2. Point the adjustment tool needle into the deeper hole. Rotate the tool knob to push the pin out. You will hear a small click sound when the pin is popped out. Pull the pin out and detach the clasp from the holder.

Reattaching a new clasp with the holder

1. Line up your watchstrap, the new clasp, and the pin. Connect the clasp with the holder by inserting the pin from the side. Make sure the pin is entering the clasp platform from the pointed side.

2. Use an hard object, for example, the adjustment tool, to hammer the pin further into the watchstrap.

3. Lay the watchstrap flat on your adjustment tool, rotate the tool knob and push the pin into the hole. Make sure the pin and the tool needle are aligned as a straight line to ensure that the pin gets pushed properly.

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