"We make vibrant straps that elevate your style."

When you think of Apple Watch straps, what comes to mind? Is it a basic, boring band that blends in with the crowd?

At LEMON, we're changing the game. Our founder, Tracy Lee, understands the struggle of finding the perfect accessory for the Apple Watch. She didn't want to settle for the original options; instead, what she truly desired was something that matched her personality and vibe.

That's how LEMON was born in 2021.

"I aimed to make vibrant straps that elevate your style," says Tracy Lee. "With LEMON, not only can you track your daily tasks on your wrist, but you can also infuse freshness and vibrancy into your style, expressing your individuality and uniqueness."

Whether you're hitting the gym, attending a party, or just going about your day, we would love to add a pop of freshness to your outfit with the best materials.

Join us on the journey to elevate your look.