Adjusting the Length of your Watch Strap

Most of our watchstraps are length-adjustable without any tools, and in case a special tool is needed, it will be included in your package for free.
The following tutorial covers the adjustment methods of three of our most popular lock types:

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Removable jewellery clasp

  1. Lift the latch on the top side of the jewellery clasp with your fingers to unsnap it.
  2. Remove extra clasps to shorten the watchstrap length.
  3. To relink the watchstrap, simply close and push the latch hook to snap the clasp shut.

Hook Lock

  1. Insert the mini screw driver into the hole where the arrow mark points to.
  2. Push down the screw driver to open the clasp, then slide the watchstrap to adjust the length.
  3. Push the screw driver to the other side to relock the clasp.

Folding clasp

  1. Observe the holes on both sides of the watchstrap. Point the adjustment tool pin into the holes that are deeper and do not have any straight line markings.
  2. Make sure the watchstrap is laid flat on the adjustment tool platform.
  3. Rotate the tool’s knob to push the needle inside the strap out.
  4. Remove excess pieces as needed.
  5. Relink the watchstrap by putting back the needle and pushing it in from the side it came out of with the adjustment tool.
    (*In case the adjustment tool pin is broken because of excessive force, please replace it with the back-up one attached at the back of the tool.)

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