Wear & Care

Before your wear your band
- Assess your schedule and outfit of the day.
- Choose the band that makes you feel most confident, glowing, and comfortable. Start your day in a fabulous way.

While wearing your band
- Perfumes may chemically react with metallic substances. Put on your watch and other accessories as the last step of your dress up routine.
- Adjust the band length so that it is not too tight around your wrist.
- Due to skin sensitivity, a small number of people may feel itchy to various materials. The issue could worsen when irritants like sweat or soap get trapped beneath the band and irritate the skin. If you have any allergy symptoms, please stop wearing the watch and seek medical advice.
- We know that you wish to wear your Apple Watch at all time, but bands made with metal or leather does not enjoy staying in humid environment. We recommend changing to silicone straps when you exercise.

While storing your band
- It is unavoidable that your watchbands come in contact with dirt (and sweats), so remember to keep your jewellery straps clean after use.
- For metal, leather and resin bands, use a damp cloth to lightly wipe your bands. To avoid decoloration, do not use alcohol or other chemical cleaners. Let your bands air dry completely, before storing them in sealed storage bags or boxes at cool environment.
- For silicone bands, detach the band from the watch and wash your band in running water. To avoid decoloration, please refrain from using alcohol or other chemical cleaners. Lightly wipe dry with a clean cloth. Use baking powder mixed with water for stubborn stains. Store your bands in dry and cool environment.

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