Apple Watch Bands

Wear Apple Watch to Formal Events (based on colour, style and material)

The Apple Watch isn't just a tech-savvy accessory, it's a fashion statement that can seamlessly blend with various party dresses, adding flair to your ensemble. Here's how to pair your Apple Watch with different dress colors for that perfect party look.


1. Black Dress: Black is sexy, is dramatic, is elegant, but it's just hard to stand out when everyone's super colorful and bling during festive seasons. Opt for a bold, metallic finish Apple Watch strap as a statement piece to glam up the outfit.

(Left to right: Soirée Bracelet, Timeless Bracelet)


2. White Dress: Keep it versatile with a neutral-colored Apple Watch band, such as black, silver, or gold, to effortlessly match the shimmer of your white dress.

3. Green Dress: Add warmth to a green dress by accessorizing with a green or brown-toned Apple Watch band. Leather straps in earthy tones work well here.

4. Blue Dress: Enhance the cool tones of a blue dress with a silver Apple Watch band. If it's a soft blue, or with smoky feeling/ sheer layers, go for a more modest design; if it's sharp blue, opt for shiny ones for the striking contrasting effect.

(Left to right: Flowerwall BraceletInfinity Mesh Bracelet)


5. Gold Dress: Pair your gold dress with a matching gold Apple Watch band for a cohesive and chic ensemble. Or, a simple dark leather strap that complements the dress's shade for a seamless look.

6. Silver Dress: Complement the cool tones of a silver dress with a blue or silver Apple Watch band. Choose straps with metallic elements for an elegant touch.

7. Red Dress: Red is a warm color, so it's a good idea to contrast by pairing your red dress with a gold or black Apple Watch strap. If it's a simple red dress, go for large statement piece; if it's a fluffy dress, choose straps that look a bit more dainty so that it won't steal the spotlight.

(Left to right: Soirée Bracelet, Slim Stellar Strap)


8. Orange Dress: Amp up the vibrancy of an orange dress with a navy blue Apple Watch strap. Consider a band with bold hues to make a statement.

9. Pink Dress: Soften your look with a rose gold, white, or glittering Apple Watch strap when wearing a pink dress. Delicate straps or bands with subtle detailing can complement the femininity of the outfit.

(Left to right: Soirée Bracelet, Starlight Bracelet) 


Pairing your Apple Watch with the right band color and style can elevate your party look effortlessly. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect match that suits your style and the occasion.

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