The Story of Lemon

Accompanying you every moment

Our story of Lemon started in London in 2020. Named after the bittersweet fruit that we love, Lemon Straps brings innovative jewellery design watch accessories to fashion lovers like you.  We strive to make you feel stylish and comfortable in every moment of your life, be that bitter or sweet.

Be your own muse

We are big believers in personal uniqueness, and we want you to get the best watch strap that show your characters. Ranging from sparkling items to customizable pieces, we provide products that can relay personas and stories to one another. You are the subject so you know the best.

The art of gift wrapping

The art of Japanese gift-giving is a core part of our shopping experiences, and this cultural tradition is taken very seriously, being executed with taste and elegance. We put much emphasis on our product quality, gift packaging and customer support. Care is taken to ensure that everyone unboxing and wearing our products feel special.

Where are Lemon Straps pieces made?

We source from a number of artisans and factories specialized in producing watchstraps and jewelleries, mostly based in the Guangdong province of China. Electronics and accessories have been a specialty of this region for decades. We have a long-term relationship with our production factory partners, and collaborate with their experts on a day-to-day basis on new styles development, personalized items, and quality checking.

We are a registered company in the United Kingdom. Company Number: 13086221