Delivery Guarantee

1. What do you mean by delivery guarantee?

It means we guarantee delivering your package to the address you've designated when placing the order. Tracking details is available for all orders, so you can monitor where your shipment is. You will also receive shipment notification email* when your package is "out for delivery" or "delivered".

Depending on your shipping destination and local custom, courier company may leave packages with your neighbour or at a safe place at your property. Please also note that delivery to apartment doors may not be feasible by courier or postal companies. Packages will be considered "delivered" once declared by the courier service, even if left in/ around your mailbox in building lobbies, or safe place at your designated address.

This delivery guarantee does not apply if you’ve submitted an incorrect address, including apartment number, street name and number, postal code and country. (For updating of address, please refer to Q5 below.) Exception also applies to fail delivery due to no safe place, in which case you may be asked to pick up your shipment at a nearby post office. Signature is not required at delivery.

*Shipment notification email is built upon your local courier’s feedback system, and is not a guaranteed service.


2. What can I do if my package is lost during delivery?

Please write to us right away at if you notice any abnormality with your shipment. We will work with our courier partner to see if the issue can be rectified quickly, and in some instances we may ask you to contact the local delivery company directly. 

In case your package is lost during transit, or that the delivery time has exceeded our estimates for 10 business days (exception applies to remote areas) and your package remains undelivered, we will re-issue a new package to you at no additional cost.


3. What if my package was stolen?

We shall not be responsible for any lost or stolen items once the packages are declared “delivered” by the courier service.


4. I haven’t received my package but the tracking result has been marked “delivered”. What should I do?

You will be responsible to liaise with the local courier company directly to launch investigation.

Please first check your mailbox, your household surroundings and with your neighbours to see if the package is left with them. In rare cases, package may show as 'delivered' but could take additional 24 hours. If you are unable to locate your package, please write to us to reconfirm the shipment status. If your package has indeed been confirmed as delivered by our courier partner, you will be asked to contact the local courier company for investigation and necessary arrangement.

We shall not be responsible for any stolen or repeated lost items once the packages are declared “delivered” by the courier service, and redelivery will not be arranged in any scenarios once your package has been marked "delivered", unless proven that your package is indeed lost during transit.


5. I've inputted a wrong address. What should I do now?

Updating of the shipping address is impossible if the package has been dispatched. In case of fail delivery attempt due to incorrect information, we will not reissue the order. However, in some instances, rearrangement may be possible by the local courier team with a small fee if the package has not been delivered. Please write to us at and we can work together to explore alternative options.



Still have questions?

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