Poppy Reid Flashes Her Apple Watch Bracelet during Interview at The Today Show Australia

Lemon Strap’s Apple Watch Bracelet has made its first appearance on the small screen.

Poppy Reid, Editor in Chief at Australia's largest youth publisher, The Brag Media, which includes magazines Rolling Stone AU/NZ, Variety Australia, Tone Deaf, The Brag and The Music Network under its umbrella, was spotted wearing our cute jewelry Apple Watch strap during her interview at The Today Show - and has given us all the feels.

Poppy Reid wearing Lemon Straps' Apple Watch band at The Today Show Australia

The Apple Watch bracelet caught the attention of TV Host Sarah Abo and Karl Stefanovic during the discussion, who got curious on the transformation of the sport watch into a fashion statement.

Poppy Reid wearing Lemon Straps' Apple Watch band at The Today Show Australia

Reid was wearing the Timeless Vol.2 Bracelet for Apple Watch in 18K Gold Plating. Reid was Lemon Straps’ customer almost 2 years ago, and is still loving her Apple Watch jewelry strap. She has been frequently wearing her Apple Watch accessories in both formal and leisure events.

The trio was discussing Reid’s tips on securing concert tickets for Coldplay in Sydney and Melbourne, and other big name artists visiting Australia next year.

Big thanks to Poppy for being our wonderful and loving customer, and Sarah and Karl as well for the shoutout. It means the world to us, we can't be more grateful.

Watch the full interview below:


Poppy's piece is available for order here:
(St-steel) Timeless Vol. 2 Apple Watch Bracelet - 18k Gold Plated

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