Lemon Club Rewards


Join Lemon Club and receive exclusive benefits! Being a member of Lemon Club allows you to not only gain Lemon Juice (membership points) for your purchases, but also win rewards through our various events. (※ Orders over 30 USD only.)

What are the New Member Benefits

1. Signup and receive instant reward of 50 Lemon Juice
2. Receive 1 Lemon Juice for every 1 USD purchase
3. Earn 50 Lemon Juice for each successful referral

※ Lemon Juice can be earned for all successful purchases by Club Members, including those during promotional events. Lemon Juice will be deducted for refund or cancellation of order.
※ Lemon Juice will expire every 31 January. The Juice balance will be reset to 0 on 1 February.
※ For purchases in currency other than USD, the awarded Lemon Juice will be calculated using the transaction exchange rate. You can use the discount code and check out at your preferred currency.

How to Redeem Credits

STEP 1. Access the Rewards Panel at lemonstraps.com/#smile-home
STEP 2. Go to "Ways to redeem".
STEP 3. Choose the coupon that you want to redeem. If you want to specify the exact amount for the coupon, use the order discount function.
STEP 4. Click "Redeem" for the discount code. Input it at checkout for your next order!

※ The membership discounts can be applied to single orders over 30 USD only.
※ While you can earn Lemon Juice while enjoying other offers, membership discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

How to Sign Up for the Program

How to join:
STEP 1. Click here to register.
STEP 2. Set your own account and password
STEP 3. Read the "Terms of Use" and "Privacy policy" before you proceed with "Register"
STEP 4. Check you inbox for the confirmation email. You're all set!

※ You will not be automatically enrolled into Lemon Club through shopping at our online website. To earn Lemon Juice for your purchase, please register prior to placing the order.